The ABCs of Sex Education: Making Informed Choices is a knowledge and skills-based approach to reducing the incidence of HIV, other STIs, and unwanted pregnancies, through behavior change. We train Kenyan farmers to teach HIV prevention and sex education.

The ABCs (Abstain, Be faithful, & use Condoms) are the basis of the clear & pragmatic courses. Trainings include anatomy, sexual and reproductive health, STD information and resources. Attendees discuss topics including serial monogamy versus concurrent relationships, and its impact on disease transmission.

More than 70,000 Kenyans have been taught by ABCs’ trained community educators since 2008.  Increased HIV testing and condom purchasing has been reported in areas following ABCs trainings, as well as reductions in student pregnancies.

This year the ABCs will be implementing a program evaluation to establish the program’s efficacy and prove causal links between classes and behavior change among participants.