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We currently work mostly in western Kenya. Please have a look around our website – all of our materials are open source, and we hope you find some useful and interesting information.

The ABCs of Sex Education: Making Informed Choices is a knowledge- and skills-based approach to reducing the incidence of HIV, other STDs, and unwanted pregnancies, through behavior change. We train rural Kenyans to teach HIV prevention and comprehensive sexual health education in their own communities.

The ABCs (Abstain, Be faithful, & use Condoms) are the basis of the clear and pragmatic courses. Workshops include anatomy, sexual and reproductive health, STD information, and resources. Attendees discuss topics including serial monogamy versus concurrent relationships and its impact on disease transmission. Classes involve many activities, including student role-plays and demonstrations to reinforce behavior change.

COVID-19 response: The ABCs has furloughed our rural educators, with full pay and health benefits. We have pivoted to responding to the COVID-19 crisis by commissioning 2-layer cotton washable and reusable face masks. Learn more…

More than 70,000 Kenyans have been taught by ABCs’ trained community educators since 2008.  Increased HIV testing and condom purchasing have been reported in areas following ABCs’ trainings, as well as reductions in student pregnancies and middle and secondary schools where the teams have taught.

The ABCs’ Monitoring and Evaluation officer tracks data and uses the results to help the educators and management team improve the effectiveness of the programming and improve program outcomes.

The three major tenets of all comprehensive sexual health education curricula are the ABCs. 
Click here for some examples from our training manual and workshops: