Condoms and donations!

Welcome to our new website – this is my first blog post – and I’ll be updating as I travel in Kenya for the next few months.

My husband Bob is coming with me for the first time, and will spend three weeks meeting the people I’ve been working with for a decade. Very exciting!

After that, Phylis Nasubo Magina, Kenya Project Manager extraordinaire, and I will travel around five counties in Kenya where we have trained community educators, checking in and sharing all this new documentation (follow these links to the ABCs Teacher Training Manual, the Sexual Networking Flipbook for Students and Teachers, and the Solar Funnel Cooker Illustrated Instructions).

This year the ABCs is professionalizing. Our dual goals are:

1. incorporating as an NGO, and

2. measuring and evaluating the project’s impact.

Last week we did a fundraiser and among other things I demonstrated correct condom use – here you can see a little on how we teach about condoms in Kenya:

Thank you thank you to the many people who have already given so generously. We had a standing-room-only crowd, and everyone had a chance to practice putting a condom on a banana, after a thorough lesson in the benefits and potential pitfalls.

practicing with a green banana

This is the year we are really ramping up, and any and all donations are so welcome!! You can donate right here on our site – our fiscal agent African Childrens Haven, an accredited non-profit which umbrellas the ABCs, receives the donation and send it to us. Donate. They generously donate all expenses, from wiring costs to administrative time. 100% of donations to their site for the ABCs goes directly to the project on the ground in Kenya. If you choose to write a check (better for us as PayPal doesn’t then take their share, and ACH takes nothing), make it out to African Childrens Haven and put ABCs of Sex Ed on the memo line. The address is here. If you want the ease of paying online by credit card, we are thrilled and honored to have whatever amount of love you want to throw our way.

Watch this space for stories and photos. And we’d love to hear your feedback. Our Luddite friends who don’t know how to comment on a blog – we have faith in you: figure it out, we’d love to hear from you!!