African Children’s Haven partners with over ten small, locally run projects in Africa. They have been instrumental in helping us launch the ABCs of Sex Education. ACH allows us to have charitable donation status in the US and acts as our administrator, wiring money to our project in Kenya. More importantly, they are cheerleaders for our project, have shown their confidence in the ABCs by making donations which help us continue paying educators, and are the driving force behind expanding our fundraising efforts.


Ember Kenya Grandparents Empowerment Project is an organization aimed at aiding grandparents in rural Kenya who find themselves raising their grandchildren after abandonment due to extreme poverty or the AIDS epidemic.

Vumilia is a growing Community Based Organization in Kabras – a rural area of Western Kenya. They help hundreds of vulnerable women and girls, victims of poverty, AIDS, domestic violence and sexual abuse, to turn their lives around and look forward to the future with strength and hope.


Wamumbi Orphan Care is a non-profit community-based organization that reaches out to orphaned children and their guardians in Kangema District and provides the support they are otherwise lacking from their local communities. Their services are responsive to the needs of the people they work with. They run specialized workshops on nutrition, home gardening, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, and female hygiene and sanitation. The aim of Wamumbi Orphan Care is to give orphaned children and their guardians a safe place to come and be with others who understand what they are going through, as well provide a base for life skills training.

Starkids Rescue Center is home to 75 orphaned and vulnerable children in primary and secondary school. These children are victims of HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, domestic violence, and crime. Without Starkid many would almost certainly fall victim to drug and sex trafficking.

Starkid School consists of a kindergarten, primary and secondary school and is registered with the Kenya Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Working with community leaders and parents, the School provides quality education, uniforms, school supplies, toiletries, medical care and a midday meal for more than 230 children, from pre-K through secondary.

Pamoja Community Based Organization is a grass-roots community empowerment and development organization in Kenya registered with the Ministry of Labour, and East African Affairs, Department of Gender and Social Services. They are passionate about helping communities develop the skills they need to make positive changes for themselves. They work through local self-help groups, CBOs, local administration, and government ministries in a variety of capacities and areas including community health, HIV prevention, water sanitation, sustainable livelihoods, and orphans and vulnerable children.


Mission With A Vision has helped nearly 1,000 Kenyan teenagers seeking to escape female genital mutilation and childhood marriage. Working with few resources, but with an unreserved commitment to the well-being of children, the Mission’s staff works tirelessly — frequently at great personal risk — to safeguard and educate local youngsters. They also provide these young women with a safe house, educational scholarships, and vocational training. Wherever possible, efforts are made to work with community elders to help the girls reconcile with their families, a delicate task that frequently requires months of negotiation and counseling.

The Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club is a vibrant organization, part of the over 35,000 clubs globally that make up Rotary International, whose motto is “Service Above Self”. In addition to its community service in Evanston, Illinois, USA, the ELRC volunteers in and donates to organizations in many countries, including to the ABCs and Pamoja in Kenya. Co-founder Kathy Tate-Bradish is a member of the ELRC.

The Kenya Works Makini Pad Initiative addresses menstruation management with an eco-friendly, reusable sanitary pad made of performance, super soft, ultra-absorbent fabric that is both discreet and reliable. Combined with puberty, self-esteem and health education, the Makini Initiative also arms girls with the power of imagination. To complete the full cycle of empowerment, the products are made in Kenya, providing a sustainable income sources for their women-staffed production team. The team advances opportunities for girls, and the employment allows them to provide for their families.