African Childrens Haven

African Children’s Haven partners with over ten small, locally run projects in Africa. They have been instrumental in helping us launch the ABCs of Sex Education. ACH allows us to have charitable donation status in the US and acts as our administrator, wiring money to our project in Kenya. More importantly, they are cheerleaders for our project, have shown their confidence in the ABCs by making donations which help us continue paying educators, and are the driving force behind expanding our fundraising efforts.

Ember Logo

Ember Kenya Grandparents Empowerment Project is an organization aimed at aiding grandparents in rural Kenya who find themselves raising their grandchildren after abandonment due to extreme poverty or the AIDS epidemic.


VumiliaVumilia is a growing Community Based Organization in Kabras – a rural area of Western Kenya. They help hundreds of vulnerable women and girls, victims of poverty, AIDS, domestic violence and sexual abuse, to turn their lives around and look forward to the future with strength and hope.