Kakamega Team


I am Florence Masitsa Issac, a retired teacher and a dairy farmer. I am proud of my work as an ABCs Sex Educator, which assists students in behavior change in the community. It assists families to live faithful lives and reduces sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. When disease is reduced farmers are more productive and able to eradicate poverty.

Watch Florence’s interview here.


Our dear friend and colleague Selina died of complications of AIDS in August, 2014. She was open about her HIV status in order to help educate her community and dispel stigma.

This is what she wrote in January 2014: “I am Selina Nyende Natiri. I have been a widow for two years, and I have five children and ten grandchildren. I have been living positively for ten years. In addition to the ABCs of Sex Education, I am also an Early Childhood Development teacher and a community health volunteer. My dream for my community is one free of future infections.”

Watch Selina’s interview here.


I am Fridah Nanzala Murabi. I am a married mother of three children, one boy and two girls. I am a farmer and I normally plant vegetables. Now that I have become a Sex Educator I am very comfortable visiting groups and schools. The ABCs has changed my life because many people in my community look for me for advice, and teaching brings me joy and prolongs my life.

Watch Fridah’s interview here.


I am Gillian Mutende Wanzetse. I am a married mother of four children, two daughters and two sons. I am an Early Childhood Development teacher and a farmer. My goal is to protect my community people from sexually transmitted diseases, and enable them to take care of their families.

Watch Gillian’s interview here.