Luanda Team

I’m Priscilla Odinga Choke, a mother of five children and a widow for almost 11 years. I’m a peasant farmer on a small parcel of land struggling to bring up my family. I’ve agreed to work on educating our community on sexual health education since 2010 when I was trained. Since then I’ve been in the field working. It’s a good field but with challenges, which is normal in life. This field uplifts my living with my offspring. It’s my wish for the program to improve for major achievements.

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I am Eddah L. Omuyaku, born in Luhya Land, and married in Emasaba Location. I am 50 years old, a mother of three children, two boys and one girl. I was trained as a sexual health educator in 2010, and since then I am proud of my work because it has made me known to my community as a teacher of adults and youths. It has also made keep a high standard in my work in that teaching behavior change is important. I am very eager and hope that in future we are going to sweep out the infection of the virus.

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My name is Dorcas Ayuma Otiende. I am a sexual health educator and a mother of two children, one boy and one girl. I stay in Emuhaha District, Luanda Division. I love my work because it has contributed a lot to my community. Youths have changed their behaviors. Many people are now aware of other sexually transmitted diseases. This has also made me to be known by the community. I appreciate the education.

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I am Lydiah Asami Siasi, 39 years old. I am married, a mother of five children, 3 girls and identical twin boys. I joined Vumilia in 2010 and am now working as a sexual health educator. I am reaching schools in my community and the community at large for behavior change. I have become famous in the community because of this program and am having a desire to stand as a role model and see to it that we have a stable community.

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