Our Managing Director Presented at Yale!

Phylis presented our social enterprise pitch at the Global Health and Innovation Conference at Yale University in March. (Just a little behind with the posts!)

I’m leaving this weekend for Kenya for two months of training workshops, meetings, and planning with Phylis. Can’t wait to see her, the educators, and Robert and the family.

The photo shows Phylis and her husband Robert Barasa, Executive Director of the Ember Kenya Grandparent Empowerment Project, after our interview on the Global Activism segment of Worldview on Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ. If you look closely you can see that the sculpture is the station (91.5) above the call sign, on Navy Pier in Chicago, just outside the radio station.

Here’s our awesome interview with Jerome McDonnell. Pour yourself a cup of tea and settle in, it’s a nice excuse to sit for 18 minutes and listen to us talk about our work with Jerome. Or do the dishes while you listen. But, really – it goes better with tea!