First Day Back in Nairobi

Managing Director Phylis Magina and I had a lunch meeting with Betty Adera, Director of The Hope Program of CHF International, Kenya. Betty invited Phylis, and The ABCs, to join the KICD (Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development) last month. Phylis has been in several meetings with Betty and other NGOs since then, but this was my first chance to meet her.

Betty is excited about having collaborators who are on the ground in western Kenya, and we’re excited to work with her. She is committed and knowledgable, and seems to know everyone in ourĀ field. One interesting thing Phylis and I learned from Betty today is that when talking about the spread of HIV in Kisumu, people now talk of the water delivery guys. Evidently water distribution is a big problem, so many people have water delivered. The water delivery guy arrives after the husband has gone to work . . .

Jokes about the milkman in 1950s America seems so naive by comparison.