Teaching an All-Day Workshop for 20 Teachers and Staff

Starkids Academy and Rescue Center, in Kiambu just outside the Nairobi city limits – what a literal lifesaver for some of those kids, and what an inspiring founder and principal! We were brought here by African Children’s Haven, who support Starkids Academy.

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Rosalyn Kimatu and 19 of her young, dedicated teachers and staff participated enthusiastically in our day-long session. Tea at 11, a delicious beef stew for lunch, and eager learners with lots of questions – Phylis’s and my definition of heaven on earth. We love to be in the field.




2015-08-01 03.44.40
The teachers loved the spread of STDs activity, even as there was lots of nervous laughter.
2015-08-01 03.59.50
These guys are happy for the moment. Wait till they discover that if they shook hands (engaged in unprotected sex) with anyone who was just called to the line, they’ll be joining it next.
2015-08-01 03.53.31
“Come on down!”
2015-08-01 04.07.42
Rosalyn, Starkids Founder and Principal.

2015-08-01 03.42.23


We love doing this activity about the spread of STDs!














We covered our entire five-part curriculum in one day, a feat only possible because the group was smart, and willing and able to answer our questions. We covered HIV/AIDS, other STDs, and living with HIV; Reproductive Anatomy; and our skills-based behavior change units – Abstain, Be faithful (to one partner who is faithful to you), and use Condoms Correctly and Consistently.

2015-08-01 05.46.43
Phylis is such an engaging teacher!

phylis class etrphylis refusal skills doreen and teachers









2015-08-01 08.06.59
The class practices putting a male condom on a wooden model penis.
female condom
Showing a female condom.







Huddling in a cold mabati (corrugated metal sheet) classroom under loud, pounding rain and hail while we waited for our taxi, we had an opportunity to talk (shout!) a bit more with Rosalyn and her dedicated teachers. A great day!

Teacher Workshop at Starkids Academy August 1
We don’t dare step out the door!