The ABCs’ comprehensive sex education (CSE) curriculum begins with “A” for Abstain. For school-aged children from Standard 6 through Form 4 (roughly ages 12 – 18), the emphasis is placed on delaying sex until their education is finished. We are not, however, an “Abstain only” curriculum, and also teach the other two tenets of CSE, Be Faithful and use Condoms, to these school-aged children.

This cartoon is useful in the discussion of the consequences of engaging in unprotected sex.

Comic by Seth Sketcher

Curriculum in Action

Executive Director Kathy Tate-Bradish and Managing Director Phylis Magina demonstrate one of the important facets of our curriculum, getting safely out of a dangerous situation. 

We teach Refusal Skills and Escape Tactics. This short role-play is an example of an Escape Tactic. 

The audience was a group of grandchildren and the grandparents raising them in Funyula, Kenya.