Trust has three condoms and an instruction sheet. Hold up, tear one off:

  1. Squeeze the packet – can you feel that there’s air inside? (If not, condom could have bacteria or be dry or have cracks or a small puncture.)
  2. Check the expiry date – is it fresh?
  3. See the edge like a saw? That’s where you tear.
  4. Push the condom gently to one side inside the package.
  5. Tear carefully. Teeth and nails can tear or puncture the condom.
  6. Must squeeze the tip to leave room for semen.
  7. Need two hands – one to squeeze the tip and the other to roll down all the way to the base of the penis.
  8. It goes on as soon as the man has an erection. There is a tiny bit of fluid (pre-ejaculate) that comes out of the tip. This fluid has HIV if he’s positive, and sometimes sperm.
  9. As soon as the man has ejaculated, he should remove his penis from the vagina or anus. This is because the blood starts to leave the man’s penis and it gets smaller, so the condom could slip off inside his partner. If this happens, the condom can easily be pulled out (it cannot get lost), but the problem is that some of the semen has spilled out of the condom inside the partner. So now neither is protected from the other.
  10. As he pulls out he needs to hold on to the ring at the base of his penis. This will guarantee that the condom doesn’t come off inside.
  11. Slide the condom off carefully, and tie it. Why? What’s inside? Semen, sperm, maybe HIV, maybe other STDs. What’s outside? Vaginal or anal fluids, which may include HIV if the partner is positive, and other STDs.
  12. Wrap it in tissue paper.
  13. Wipe off hands and wipe and dry the man’s penis. (Q: Why? A: They could have the virus on them.)
  14. If the man is not circumcised, push the foreskin back and dry under the foreskin as well.
  15. It is good to use extra lubrication, even if the condom is already lubricated. It is more comfortable for the woman, and makes it even less likely the condom will break. This must be a water-based lubricant for use with condoms (such as Durex brand lubricant), not oil-based. No Vaseline, Kimbo, or cooking oil!
  16. Throw it away carefully – down a pit latrine is good. Do not flush it in a flush toilet. Do not toss it where children might find it. Do not leave it on a burn pile.